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  • The new patent pending IMS Razor Tooth Weedmastercutterhead bolts directly to the dredger in place of standard cutter head.
  • Only dredge on global market that can effectively cut and pump vegetation.
  • No need for unloading barges or re-handling previously cut vegetation.  Dredge cuts and pumps the material over several hundred meters away to a disposal area or broadcasts it on the side of canals for wetland restoration.
  • The Weedmaster can handle floating vegetation, rooted vegetation (below water line), and submerged vegetation.

River,Canal and Lake Dredger

  • Self-Propelled with patented Starwheel Drive. Saves time and money by allowing operator to maneuver in river, canal and lakes without re-setting anchors or swing wires. 
  • Increases productivity by up to 40% over anchor and spud dredges.
  • Allows dredge to move material 1,000m away from dredging site depending on material weight.
  • Eliminates the need to re-handle material.
  • Booster pumps can be added for longer pumping distances. 


Depth Master is IMS’s solution to make deep reservoir and port maintenance dredging ­affordable. No longerwillreservoir and port­operators need to hire large commercial ­dredging outfits to do expensive deep maintenance dredgingwith oversized dredges that are builtfor offshore dredging.Nowthey can investin their own ­maintenance dredging system thatwill allowthem to maintain a maximum depth of 18.3m depending on configuration. This allows reservoir operators to maintain reservoirlevels for drinking water, ­irrigation, and to keep silt out ofthe turbines. It also allows port operators to maintain a consistent depth to keep operations online